Saints Fellowship Church - "Where A Soul Is A Soul Regardless Of Condition"
Thank you for visiting us here at 
Saints Fellowship Church!
Saints Fellowship Church, located in East St. Louis, IL,  has vowed a commitment
  to God to serve Him and those who He assigns to this ministry.  We believe that God has placed us here, in this community, to show His Love , to be a Light and to let the people know that there is Hope (even when it seems like there is no way out) and that God has a purpose for them.  
We are endeavoring to build character and teach according to God's Word that Holiness is still what God requires.  He is yet calling for righteousness, a pure heart and a Love for Him with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength.  We are about sharing the Gospel and letting people know that it is God's desire that we be free from the bondage of sin (through His Son Jesus Christ) and that we will be free from the snares of the devil. 
We invite you to come and worship with us, where we are striving to be all that God will have us to be  -  helping others to come to Salvation and helping  them to fulfill their
purpose which was ordained by God from the beginning.
                                                       Pastor Lucius Ingram & Lady Shirley Ingram                                                                       
We invite you to come visit us at your convenience - 
that we together will Praise, Worship and give God the
Glory that is due Him.

7201 Church Street
East St. Louis, IL  62203  

Phone Numbers:
618-398-2235 (Church)


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